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Oh hey again, here's some info about me! 


My name is Abby Sommer and I’m an
Orlando-based interdisciplinary artist and designer with a passion for creating unique brand identities and narratives through design. A graduate from the University of Florida, I have a BFA in graphic design with a minor in mass communications. Over the past few years, I've spent my time
working as an art gallery design assistant, graphic designer, and presentation specialist.


My design work spans over many platforms and aesthetics, yet all relates back to contextualizing design. When creating anything, I challenge myself to use researched design practices in order to achieve effective, aesthetic outcomes. Because I am also a studio artist, many of my design works incorporate organic, experimental textures and imagery. In everything I do, I try to find the intersection between art and design. Currently, I have been exploring the process of creating in both digital and physical spaces, and translating texture to the 2D via digital and web designs.


When not making things, you can find me drinking matcha, playing my Nintendo Switch, or laying in bed reading with my dog.

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